1987 Syncro Westfalia

Pix of Sunny's

Vanagon/TDI Conversion

Done so far (Oct, 2001):
> Installed heavy-duty clutch
> Installed Syncro TD fuel tank
> Installed HA Projekt wiring interface between TDI and Vanagon wiring harnesses
> Installed HA Projekt potentiometer kit to Vanagon accellerator pedal
> Modified fuel inlet to accomodate wider diesel fuel pump necks
> Locking transmission rebuilt by Weddle with custom 1.19 3rd & 0.70 4th gears
> Custom Stainless-steel exhaust
> Custom hydraulic hose from Vanagon power-steering rack to TDI power-steering pump
> Custom fabricated air/water radiator for Spearco air/water intercooler (see image below)
> Installed snowmobile fuel injection hose for diesel fuel delivery -- remains flexible down to -40F
> New water pump/hydraulic belt, serpentine belt, and timing belt
> Plumbed air/water intercooler and air/water radiator
> Hooked up R134 Air Conditioner with all new lines
> Finished wiring!! (still needs to be prettied up)
> Pipercross air filter behind left rear brakelight
> Upsolute low-smoke chip for 110hp and 175ft lbs torque
> Installed additional VDO gauges i.e. oil pressure, oil temp, voltage, exhaust pyrometer, turbo boost
> Finally, added the TDI logo to the front, rear, and insides of my Van!

Other features:
> Custom Bilstein shocks
> Custom Betts Springs
> Air Lift kit for rear shocks
> Cross-drilled brake disks (thinking of installing 15" South African "big brake" kit instead)
> Custom 2" hitch
> 10' Fiamma F45 awning
> Custom fibreglas dash (painted yellow) to hold gauges
> Custom remote oil cooler & Amsoil dual bypass oil filter. Click here for a photo
> 15" alloy rims with 235/75-15 AT tires
> New South African radiator

Other yet to do:
> Install new 3-way tent from Bus Depot
> Install sound-proofing in engine compartment

> Why I am installing a TDI engine in my Vanagon
> HA Projekt wiring Interface (PDF)
> HA Projekt potentiometer mounting instructions (PDF)
> Industrial TDI engine (PDF)
> Industrial TDI Wiring Diagrams:
page 7, pages 8-10, page 11
> TDI diagnostics (PDF)
> TDI specs (PDF)
> VW Diesel Engine pulleys (PDF)
> TDI Engine CAD drawings (PDF)
> TDI Electronic Diagnostics
> Diagrams of air/water intercooler system (PDF)
> Complete 1996/1997 Jetta/Vento TDI Wiring Diagram (373k PDF)
> Jetta TDI ECU pins spreadsheet 1997 (20k XLS) and HTML version

External links:
> Tom's Vanagon Engine Conversion
> Fred's TDI Page
> VW Vortex
> HA Projekt (German)
> TDI Conversion list

> Dennis Gagnon of Amesbury Foreign Auto in Amesbury MA
> Frank Grunthaner and Dave Bayer from the Vanagon List

Top view of engine bay
Detail #1 from rear of van Detail #2 from rear of van
Detail #3 from rear of van Detail #4 from rear of van

HA Projekt gas pedal "kit" as seen from spare tire storage

Engine Bay as seen from underneath

Air/Water Intercooler & Radiator w/ squirrel fan
Spearco air/water intercooler custom radiator for air/water intercooler

Other stuff:
CAD drawings of TDI Motor Parts supplied with Winkler's "kit"
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