Photographer, Author, Lecturer, Photo Workshop Leader, Master Printmaker

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Mr. Sullivan has over 38 years experience as a professional photographer, having formed a successful advertising photo studio back in 1977. Since that time he has been a Contributing Editor to HOW Magazine, lectured numerous times at Macworld and The Seybold Seminars, written the first layman's book on flatbed scanners in 1994, and in 2001 offered an exclusive art reproduction service for artists of all media known locally as The Printwright Studio which continues to this day. He has won numerous national and international awards for his artwork. He is currently working on a personal project documenting the enigmatic island of Monhegan off the coast of Maine. Additionally, he is prepping for a solo show at The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA. He lives in the rustic village of Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts with his artist wife Liz Haywood-Sullivan and their two poodles.



  • Michael is one of those rare photographers whose craft reaches the high level of his creativity. With so many photographers, it's one or the other, but Michael's dedication to pushing the limits of his equipment and his vision makes him stand out from the crowd. Combine that with his generosity to share his secrets and insights, and you've got a great photographer.

    Lance Keimig, Corralitos CA
    Professional Photographer
  • J Michael Sullivan's photography short course provided that perfect pragmatic blend of field shooting skills along with real insight into studio procedures and processes to augment one's images. After a long personal hiatus from photography I left the course with renewed enthusiasm and a profound update of my photographic skills. I would highly recommend the course and the instructor.

    Joe Piekenbrock, Denver CO
  • Michael's 2014 Dievole Photo Workshop was the most fun that I have had in years. His professionalism, knowledge, and teaching style made it easy for every one in the class to immediately jell into one cohesive group focusing on learning everything they could from a very giving instructor. Mission accomplished!

    Mack West, Albuquerque NM
  • I took a photography class with Michael in Italy. When I started all I could do was turn on the camera and push the button. The others in the class were all experienced photographers. Michael was patient and encouraging as I worked to learn about composition, lighting, and other techniques. Never did I feel that my status as a beginner was held against me. I can't wait to learn more. I would love to take more classes with him!

    Susan Sampson, Pembroke Pines FL
  • When can we go back or travel to another amazing place Michael? I'm in if you are planning to teach another workshop - Boston, Cape Cod, Iceland, Scotland. It's all about "looking for the light"! Filled with gratitude for all that you taught me.

    Sarah Strong, Weston MA


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